Useful Safety Tips for Paint Sprayer

Painting using an ordinary sprayer of best professional paint sprayer is the simple job but sometimes it turns into most serious results if you ignore the safety measures that are recommended for all DIY projects or other commercial paint sprayer jobs. Additionally, you will get a free safety and user manual with all units of best airless paint sprayer 2018 but to make your paint job much safer than ever we have come to useful safety tips for the best airless paint sprayer.

The paint contains the particular that is really harmful to your health and no one can ignore the health risks. To keep you state unchanged before and after starting the paint job just keep some few tips in mind. These are going to be really helpful in your life. To prevent yourself from any injury by reading the following safety tip.

Before starting I would like to talk about the most common risk reported while using the airless paint sprayer of paint gun manufactured by any brand. These reasons are not the manufacturer faults but these are the only and only human errors.

The explosion and Fire Risk

The fire and explosion occur only if there is sparks, flames or current present near the painting and are the factor of air circulation in that is area is also poor. You need to put some extra attention while spraying highly flammable fluids.

Many of the sprayers and paint boxes has the sign of which give information that the fluid can catch fire cause explosion from which you can burn and death also occurs in some cases. Apart from the ignition of vapors by and open spark of flame the strong friction or static electricity produced by the nozzle of paint gun also cause fire.

The ungrounded paint system also produces the static electricity due to the friction of paint fluid and metallic nozzle the excessive amount of this charge can burst in into flames.

Prevention from Fore and Explosion

To prevent from the explosion and fire during the paint job follow some tips to get yourself safe.

  • Do not use paint sprayer closer to electric appliances, electric heater and other material which cause the fire
  • Do not use cigarettes while painting
  • Spray in the open area when there is proper ventilation of air, you can use the pedestal or another kind of fan if needed
  • Try to use gas powered paint sprayers only for outdoor paint jobs
  • Only use grounded metal pails and grounded hoses
  • For the electrically powered paint sprayers use the 3rd ground or neutral wire outlet
  • Trigger off immediately when paint sprayer is not in use.

Injection of paint or other fluid material which is being sprayed

Injection is the process of passing high-speed fluid from a small opening like paint passing through the small nozzle hose or tip of the paint gun. Sometimes this produces a high-speed fluid stream which is enough power to pierce through your soft skin entering in your blood. Simply the injection is the process of high speed pressured fluid piercing your skin to damage the inner organs of your body.

The main cause of the injection as are:

  • Using the damaged spray gun or loosely fitted nozzle
  • Placing your hand near the tip or gripping close to paint streams

If you get intact with the injection do not take it easy like any ordinary cut. Rush to nearby doctor and have proper treatment.


From the famous saying,

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

So follow these instruction in terms to adopt safety tips for airless paint sprayers.

  • Use a tip safety guard
  • Do not hold paint gun closer to the tip
  • User gloves and other hand masks
  • Wear respirators and safety glasses
  • Point the gun always in the direction opposite to your body

Use proper suit kit while painting

You should wear proper outfit while using paint sprayer of any type no matter either it is airless paint sprayer gas powered or electric powered. The suitable kit will protect your skin and eyes from the harmful vapours of paint. Wearing the proper uniform, gloves, eyewear and footwear will not only protects you from the harmful effects of paint and thinners bit also gives and outstanding professional paint sprayer look. A painting mask is also an important part of the safety kit as this will protect you face and reduces the chances of respiratory problems. So if you accidently get paint or other spray material on your face or skin than immediately wash it with care and don’t let it dry on your body.

Perfect ventilation

Make sure that there is enough ventilation where you are working with paint sprayers. This will also help the paint to stick quickly. It is recommended to maintain room temperature even in cold weathers. But it doesn’t mean you breath in open air, must use paint mask.

Do not expose your paint to sunlight

It is recommended to cover your paint and protect it from sunlight that could cause it to break. The aerosol in the paint far from the heat source for adding more safety. So follow some optimistic approaches to keep your paint protected.

Protect your body from the paint

Of course this is not intentionally that a person paint his self rather than to paint the surface. But whatever the case is you should protect your hands, face and all parts of your body from the painting fluid.

Stay away from Wires and bulbs

Never ever paint the bulbs and damaged cords of electricity. This could cause fire as paint is the highly flammable material. So it is wise to spray only walls and other material where there is no risk.


In the final verdicts of this article focusing best safety tips one should keep in mind while using the best airless paint sprayer. So please make some measures to improve your health safety reducing the risks. Hopefully the above mentions tips will help you in order to user paint sprayer for your personal and commercial home in home or for outdoor projects. Read them again and add value in your life.

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