HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra C800971

HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra C800971

Are you hoping to paint your wall, furniture, cupboards, or walls? The HomeRight C800971 Super Finish Max is capable of doing all these jobs. This C800971 comes with more features and capabilities as compared to HomeRight C800766 and that enable you to cover a large number of projects and surfaces with less effort. With this model, you will carry out large projects with less bother.

The Homeright Super Finish Max Extra C800971 is one of the latest products of HomeRight and capable of doing small as well as large tasks.

1-Powerful Motor

This HVLP unit accompanies a turbine motor that forces it up. This means that you don’t have to buy an air compressor. Also, more significantly, the 450 watts powerful engine does all the work faster. You don’t have to waste your time for thinning the paint before using it.

2-Different Tip Size

With included 3 tips you can begin painting without any hassle. The variety in tip size makes it more versatile. Since you can change the tip sizes as you wish, you will have the capacity to alter the paint stream to suit diverse task sorts without losing your speed or the momentum you’ve constructed.


The HomeRight C800971 can also be used for both water and oil-based materials. This means that you can spray varnish, polyurethane, primers, enamels, stain and a lot more. As you can see, these are thick materials that you can paint with little effort.


The adjustable sprayer enables you to change the spraying pattern and air volume at any point in your project. If you are searching for a little sprayer that handles the numerous normal home painting tasks, the HomeRight C800971 Super Finish must be on your priority list. It is lightweight easy to use and maneuver.

Key Points

  • Lightweight
  • 3 spraying tips
  • Versatile and can work on any kind of material
  • Optimal for vast variety of projects
  • Require less paint thinning
  • Two different air cap to control the material flow
  • 450 watts powerful motor
  • Give excellent finishing
  • HVLP product model
  • Versatile
  • Powerful motor
  • Not good for ceiling painting
  • No viscosity cup




The HomeRight c800971 is the latest product and turned out solid. It accompanies more features than the previous model. There are some dominating features that make this product reliable.

We highly recommend this product!

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