Graco Ultra 395 Manual Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Graco Ultra 395 electric airless paint sprayer Review

For professionals and larger are paint spraying jobs we have the best electric airless paint spray in 2019. We are going to take you to the Graco ultra 395 electric airless paint sprayer reviews. In this article, we will provide all the pros and cons of this fantastic paint sprayer machine, its specification and desired feature which cause its popularity.

The top build quality, super performance, and cheap price are the key factors that have made the Graco ultra 395 the Graco’s most famous product ever manufactured. Graco ultra 395 electric airless paint sprayer considered as best airless paint spray gadget to be used equally for small and wider range. Another reason for being top-ranked airless paint spray is its proven technology and superlative design.

Graco ultra 395 aimed to provide excellent work quality while painting the interior, exterior, fence, deck, and doors. The airless paint sprayer is commonly used because they apply a uniform layer of paint on all surfaces. The Graco ultra 395 is the leading choice of daily-in and daily-out expert grade painting jobs.

Specification of Graco ultra 395 – best electric airless paint sprayer

Graco ultra 395 electric dye sprayer bears the following speciation, go them and these will assist you to make your choice.

  • Graco ultra 395 uses totally enclosed 7/8 HP TEFC DC motor
  • A cooling fan is also equipped in the Graco ultra 395 so the unit won’t get heated
  • Graco ultra 395 can support maximum 3300 PSI pressure and 0.51 GPM
  • Graco ultra 395 has a maximum tip size of 0.023 and 200 feet’s hose length
  • This electric corded airless paint sprayer uses a fixed built-in cord for direct electrics supply.
  • 80 dba at 70 psi pressure is the sound level which means it’s a low noise airless paint sprayer

Graco ultra 395 runs using 110 – 120V of electricity. This affordably best professional airless paint sprayer is made up of using carbon steel plated with Zinc and nickel, nylon, stainless steel, Acetyl leather, PTEF, polyethylene, and other required materials.

Features for the best high ranked airless paint sprayer

Graco ultra 395 is the top choice of many only because of wider range of features. Some of the keys feature re listed here below,

ProConnect: Feature allows easy replacement at the job site in simple 3 minutes. ProConnect is the most reliable feature for fast connection pump replacement system.

Endurance Pump: is another great feature for Graco ultra 395. It has the most reliable and durables pumps in the market as compared to runner up best airless paint sprayer. The extra durability is added by long max packing, Chemex Rod and solid stainless steel cylinders. It also used Quick access intake value for the quick cleaning of paint leftover in the pipe.

Smart Control: Provides a steady flow of spray without instability of compression. This smart flow control makes it an idea to spray small places with finest quality finishing.

Easy out Pump: Filter and larger area fitting reduce the clogs. The vertical design and 7.8 sq. inches pipe helps to eliminate the spills. This also provides easy flush cleaning.

Advantage Drive: Graco’s hardened steel gears are known for their silent functioning.

Enclosed DC Motor: is best suitable for warmish and solvent-based finishes.

Lo-Boy or Hi-Boy stand: models of Graco ultra 395 are available

Chromed Steel Frame: for adding durability and solid compact structure

Swivel Inlet SuctionHose: can reach deep in the paint bucket for consistent not stop supply 

Variable Pressure Adjustment: will give you control of suitable setting for a variety of material (light to heavy material)

Price for Graco ultra 395 – best airless paint sprayer under 1000

This is a universal rule the more you pay the more you get. Considering the features and unmatchable value for the Graco ultra 395 it stands at a nominal range of price. This is one of the best budget airless paint sprayer from the company. Its cheap price against the super professional value is just great. This affordable unit of airless paint sprayer is considered as the best paint spray machine option under 1000.

Graco uses the finest metals to manufacture the gears for its product. Many other best brands in the market have switched to use other material for coast saving purpose. This could be a point that Graco Ultra 395 is a bit expensive airless paint sprayer.

Universal Rating and Customer Reviews

Graco Ultra 395 has gained an overall 4.5 ratings out 5. This is enough for the satisfaction mind. You can read all reviews of Graco ultra 395 on posted by the multiple users. Many of them like the rugged and durable construction and some of the user like the long term warranty provided by the Graco.



  • Twice longer lasting than competitor airless paint sprayers
  • Easy 3 step pump changing facility
  • Extended worth adding by metal gearings
  • Can handle larger jobs easily
  • Large coverage area
  • Electric airless sprayer
  • Perfect for consistent spray at different Psi pressure
  • Expensive airless paint sprayer but cheaper than other professional airless paint spray machines
  • No casters for easy portability



Finally! The Graco Ultra 395 airless paint spray is the real game-changer machine for your professional business. This will not disappoint your ever in performance. You will not face any from assembling to finishing the job, its guaranty. The price could be a reason to think before purchasing this worth buying airless paint spray but the only excellent machine retains the high price. You don’t waste time making your selection and buy this super best airless paint spray gun by clicking the provided link.

We highly recommend this product!

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