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Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer Review Pros, Cons & Verdict [Everything You Need To Know]

Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer Review Pros, Cons & Verdict

For those serious buyers who want more power in a small package, the Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer is the best airless paint sprayer option. Titan Paint Sprayer 440 is classified in companies level two production which aims to provide the professional paint spray results at affordable prices. Titan impact 440 is more than an entry-level airless paint sprayer sold by the Titan’s. Let’s look deeply at the features, specification pros, and cons of Titan Impact 440 airless paint sprayer.

Titan Impact 440 Manual Electric Paint Sprayer Review

Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer is the best recommended airless paint sprayer for the small job such as to paint home walls, interiors, deck, small apartments, fence, etc. The performance of titan paint sprayer 440 for these small-sized jobs is perfectly beyond expectations. It is not specifically limited to be used in the home but many of the contractors find it excellent when it comes to painting for them.

Titan has already introduced the 3 corresponding model Titan Impact 440, 540 and 640 for different environments. All are at their best when comes to perform. The main difference in these is the difference in size, range, and ease of use. As we are targeted here for Titan Impact 440 paint sprayer review and buyer guide 2019 so let’s more to its specification.

Specification of Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer

Some of the specifications which make this unit the airless paint sprayer are given below:Titan Impact 440 paint sprayer

  • 3300 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • Maximum GPM is 0.54 and LPM is 2.05
  • The single electric gun tip is of 0.023 inches
  • The motor of 7/8 HP has enough power to support functioning for the whole day
  • The complete assembled unit weighs 42 lbs.
  • The delivery package will also include an RX-80 paint gun, TR 517 Tip, and airless hose

Titan Paint Sprayer 440 is an ideal paint sprayer for residential maintenance and small commercial application use. This smart electric airless sprayer will apply an equal layer of material following the standard paint, coating and architectural primer. Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer is designed for the long run especially for the production environment. The capacity for spraying is more than 50-100 gallons per week.

As compared to the other electric airless paint sprayer brands in the market the Titans is a newcomer. It has reached the height of well-reputed popularity in few years. It is all because of its reliable, durable and high-performance spraying products. Another edge of 440 is its interactive design which provides a better grip while spraying. In can support up to 300’ hose length.

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Key features of Titan Paint Sprayer 440

After the cheap price for value-adding quality, the top-ranked features are the only thing that increases your sales. Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer has some of the best features in the market which make sit top-ranked airless paint sprayers. Following are they:

Quad + packing

It’s a great feature that keeps the paint and titan 440 components separated. Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer is designed to prevent piston and sealing lip from the abrasive paint. Through this, the cleaning is also easy during the operations.

Auto oiling facility

The automatic oiling feature is the advance technology feature equipped in only some market-leading airless paint sprayer. In Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer you just need to push a button for lubricating the parts of the sprayer. An oil level indicator is also available for notifying when the oil basins are low and you need to refill.

Sureflo Pusher Valve

The Sureflo Pusher valve makes priming easier with the push of a button. It allows Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer to release or stuck the lower ball valve without using a hammer or other tool. This valve is used as an anti-clogging component in airless paint sprayers.

Field Serviceable

Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer is field serviceable with its easily replaceable fluid section. It does not only save time but also protects your sprayers from the hassle of different tools.

PermaLife Cylinder

Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer has a permaLife cylinder for lifetime durability. This does not require replacement or it never wears. It also includes the maximum size manifold filter to keep unwanted impurities away.

Electronic Pressure Controller

Electric pressure control is used for the rapid speedy cleaning and flush cleaning when you finish spraying. After every job completion, the proper cleaning is a professional approach and for this purpose the electrically controlled pressure is useful.

Warranty for Titan Impact 440 Airless Skid Sprayer

In terms of warranty policy for Titans impact 440 airless skid sprayer the company provides the standard 4 years warranty for the fault in material or any part of the airless machine. It also provides a limited lifetime warranty for the Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer.

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  • Outstanding airless paint sprayer for home and small industrial use
  • Amazing airless paint sprayer with amazing warranty policy
  • Cheap price airless paint spryer for low budget customers
  • Engineered for long-lasting durability supporting reliability
  • No casters with the manufacturing structure is just super
  • Low gallons per week


The Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer is compact and solid built to run in all environments. This is the unit that everyone wants. You will save thousands of your money when you buy it. Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer will prove worth buying an airless paint sprayer for you.


Final verdicts for Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer

Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer is an excellent airless paint sprayer that gives years to its customers. As this paint spray, machines provide super performance, low weekly volume and especially build to handle small jobs with perfection. Therefor Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer is the perfect painting solution for professional painters. All your DIY home tasks for airless paint sprayers will look for this value-adding spraying machine. So there is nothing to dislike about this small package big value airless paint gadget, buy it now and add value to your money.

We highly recommend this product!

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